This is About Us—All of Us.

We’re all about building stronger, healthier, more resilient communities.

Let’s Do This for Our Health.

Together, we can make immunizations more readily available to anyone and everyone who needs them—especially our most vulnerable and underserved neighbors. Together, we can ease the burdens on our local healthcare systems, our school districts, and our families. And, when we commit to doing this together, we can build more resilient and healthier communities.

Our Partnerships

We Have an Opportunity to Spread Immunity.

Our mission is to build stronger communities by providing a safer, more efficient, and more accessible vaccination process.

At Health Hero, we believe that by increasing the ease of immunization, we can make a positive impact on individuals, families, school districts, health care systems, and the public at large. We see vaccinations as more than a medicine or an antigen, we see them as a way to prevent harm. A safeguard for our most vulnerable and a means to advance the common good.

What We Do

Remarkable People. Undeniable Results.

Staffed by leading local healthcare professionals, our onsite clinics make a positive impact.

We’ve created partnerships with Board Certified physicians in every state we serve. Additionally, we contract with the most highly qualified licensed local nurses to staff our onsite clinics and administer immunizations. In other words, we only work with the very best people. The results? We’ve set up more than 1,300 onsite clinics and administered over 100,000 vaccines and counting.

Join Our Team

Building Successful Partnerships

We’re here to help you help your community by becoming an extension of your organization.

Our partnerships with state and county officials have led to stronger, healthier communities. From helping organizations discover alternative funding to allocate to vaccine initiatives, becoming a supplemental resource, providing health reports, and managing local clinics, we’re here for you. We’ve replicated successful clinics time and time again with over 44 counties and counting.

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