Bringing Different People Together is What Sets Us Apart.

To strengthen communities, we work with a variety of different people every day.

What do state and county health officials, county planners, school boards, superintendents, principals, nurses, parents, and students all have in common?

We work with all of them to help them live their healthiest lives. At Health Hero, we partner with all these individuals to provide access to the safest, most reliable, and most effective onsite vaccination clinics—and to ensure that we’re building resilience, easing burdens, and protecting the most vulnerable in every community we serve.

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State & County Departments of Health

Partner with us to plan onsite vaccination clinics—in schools and community centers—to protect your residents from preventable outbreaks, provide the preemptive care they need to avoid disease, and advance the health of your communities.

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School Districts

Schools and school districts of all sizes and in all locations are highly susceptible to outbreaks of infectious diseases. Work with us to bring our flu, COVID-19 and compliance vaccine clinics to your schools to reduce absenteeism and improve student health.

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Are your children up to date on the immunizations they need to prevent disease and comply with school regulations? Let us help you make sure. Our vaccinations are administered safely by local licensed medical professionals at no cost to you—even if you’re uninsured.

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Insurance Companies

We work with insurance companies to coordinate billing for anyone receiving vaccinations at our onsite school and community clinics—including children covered under their parents’ plans.

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Strength in Numbers

We’ve been spreading care in communities since 2011—and we’ve got the data to prove it.

70k+ Flu Vaccines

Every year, we roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with community health leaders to lessen the impact of flu season.

100k+ COVID-19 Vaccines

We’re at the forefront of providing safe, reliable, and efficient access to the COVID-19 vaccine for both children and adults.

2,900+ Successful Clinics

Our clinics do not require health insurance and are offered at no cost to schools and no out-of-pocket cost to families.